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For the solar and photovoltaic production


Most of the glass and plastic panes of solar and photovoltaic systems are not protected from dirt, therefore pollution and inorganic and organic dirt particles literally burn through the permanent UV and heat burden into the glass surface. After about 2 to 4 years, the promised energy performance is no longer provided. The result is an approximately 0.3 to 0.8 mm slightly thick whitish turbidity on the glass surface which bonds firmly to the glass surface, thereby not allowing enough sunlight to penetrate for the wafers to generate power and significantly lose up to 20-40% energy. NANOIDENT® SUPRAPERL SSX prevents the inorganic and organic dirt particles to burn and stick to the glass surface. The glass surfaces be newly cleaned every time if it rains. The glass surfaces are re-cleaned. NANOIDENT® SUPRAPERL SSX is also suitable to automatically spray this product in the solar and photovoltaic production on the glass surfaces. CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has developed for this leading coating manufacturers special coating systems and equipment.

With this special coating machines solar glass can be coated directly in the production of solar glass and photovoltaics, automatically with our nano product. Especially our very good nano-product NANOIDENT® SUPRAPERL SSX is ideally suited for solar and photovoltaic glass. The advantage of this coating is for the solar and photovoltaic systems to always generate the same energy for decades. This ensures also that is guaranteed for the solar and photovoltaic plant operator financing at their bank. Without a properly functioning nano-coating, there are often large irregularities in the financing of these projects.