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The Nano product series for the glass area


The requirements for glass surfaces increase. The home and building owners, and solar PV plant operator would best function with the longest shelf life at a reasonable price. Continues to increase the competition among the manufacturers of glass. Old tried and tested cleaning agents are no longer sufficient. This, it becomes increasingly difficult to bind enough customers for the contractors. Therefore, glass manufacturer and operator of residential complex must be more flexible and better than their competitors. The NANOIDENT® series is the manufacturer's and many satisfied and paying customers enables the residential building owners to get. Because only a satisfied customer is a permanent customer. The window manufacturing companies and homeowners and apartment owners can also choose how long to work the sealer or coating on the glass surface. For this purpose, we have developed different glass products with different functions and function times.

Only a real high-tech nano coating has these particular surface function and stability.

Our surface protection and paint protection products are successfully in use for over 10 years. The nature is our model over millennia of evolution showed us the way. The development of our products is looked from nature, but our nano coating products are much more efficient and stable. Due to the long-lasting effect of the Lotus, they protect their material surfaces from dirt, sea water and salt water, as well as weather and ice and other contaminants.With our new nano sealants and nano coatings of NANOIDENT® glass series, it is even now possible to protect your boat and yacht surfaces against light scratches and sand scratches.

CTC Nanotechnology GmbH manufactures nano glass products for all areas where glass surfaces are used. eg. House area, living room, roof area, winter garden, solar panels, PV modules, building area, high-rise building area, showers, etc. The goal of our nano sealer and nano coatings is a good effectiveness over a longer period of time with high load capacity and no negative to reach side effects.

Die NANOIDENT® products for all glass surfaces

Das NANOIDENT® glass system provides the appropriate nano products for every area of the glass surfaces are used. Whether cheap and good if expensive and very good that needs protection and care systems all these customers down! Even nano products for glass production or manufacturing are possible at affordable prices! The application is very easy and very fast to perform. The special thing about our system is that through our product lines it is finally possible for every user to offer the right or desired product function that also works perfectly on the surfaces of the material does!

Any house or building service provider or building cleaners would like to satisfy its customers and offer the best possible product with the best service to its customers. Still needs of house and building operators buy his products at favorable conditions and is also the best feature and the easiest application, as well as the lowest consumption and a simple and fast application. The commercial cleaning company in turn wants to offer the best service at the best price. Where the customer expects now also the long possible surface function with a very good perfect protection for a long period of time. After more than 10 years of research and development, succeeded CTC Nanotechnology GmbH to develop a complete product system for all aspects of these customers.

CTC nanotechnology GmbH has unique characteristics and features

For the finishing of a surface of the glass the customer can choose whether he wants to use a glass seal or a glass coating for 6 months or up to 10 years. Our unique technology is performed by qualified personnel and provides perfect protection against dirt, salt water and weather conditions. Furthermore, the customer receives the maximum feasible repellency on its glass surface. Just by the steadily increasing air pollution, the dirt is transported by rain on the surface of the glass and the glass surfaces get extremely dirty. Rain runs strongly with our nano glass products on the glass surface and increases the water repellency of the rain and the panes remain much cleaner and have a clear unobstructed view. With our photo-catalytic coating of the glass, they get a self cleaning glass surface over time. With our super hydrophobic glass sealing or coating their glass surfaces remains very long dirt repellent by our hydrophobic agents for automotive glass water and rain rolls off by the speed back, so you can always see sight on the road as well as on the traffic and the signs has the cyclists and pedestrians and traffic signs.

The glass surface coated with refined nano-technology is faster and easier to clean up to 60%. The surface of the glass is protected against the formation of dirt and dirt particles and not as much needs to be cleaned. The pores of the surface of the glass are lined by fixed nanoparticles and this prevents that dirt particles tightly can accumulate is.