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Effectiveness of a nanocoating

The task of the nano impregnation is to protect the surface from dirt and rain as well as water and waste water or to reduce sharply. Millions of small dirt-repellent nano-particles in the pore of surface of the glass surface of the glass gives a long-term stain resistant surface function. To achieve a long-lasting effect that is adherence of the binding particle in the glass pores. The better the binding on the glass, the higher the function time.
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The goal of a nano coating aims to achieve a good effect over a longer period of time and without negative side effects

It created easy to clean self-cleaning surfaces

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The nano-structure not visible changes the surface tension of the surface. The attraction forces (adhesion) of the surface be lifted by the nano-particles and dirt cannot be deposited in the pores of the surface and linger. This can be reached that the surfaces remain much cleaner.