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  • We have nano products for all types of glassWith different function times
  • Of course, safety glass canbe protected by a nano product
  • Who has the desire to clean his window againSave yourself the strenuous cleaning work
  • Protect your glass surfacesfrom the annoying pollution
  • There are many windowwhich cannot be opened from the inside
  • A window cleaning in public buildingsis very costly
  • There are so many glass surfaceswhich must be protected from dirt and contamination
  • Roof windows are not easy to cleanwith a nano coating you save the costly cleaning
  • Save time and money by coating your window surfaces with an nano product

NANOIDENT® Glass coating - line


For each customer the suitable coating

Nanotechnology and the nano-Bionics are regarded as one of the key technology of the 21st century. It opened the highest innovation potential and sustainable change the economy across all industries sectors and shape.

Product applications that were still not available years ago are now possible. Recently developed modern processes and coatings that enable novel surface functions with special properties. The requirements to the surface function of coating and sealing products grow with always further use of new materials in a wide variety of areas of water sports, yacht and boat industry and everyday life



With our functional warranty for glass surfaces, the user can decide how long the sealer or coating should function on the surface you want to work!

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